What happens when you live in a clumsy place? Your clothes are lying around, there’s a smell of rotten food around, you haven’t taken a bath for days, visualize it to be a not very pleasant atmosphere around. How do you feel?

Now, what happens when your mind is cluttered with thoughts? No answers. You are living the same monotonous life not even realizing that nothing is changing in your daily routine. Just depressing negative thoughts. How do you feel?

Do the above situations bring about a similar sense of nausea as you read them? Do the visualization of you stuck in both these situations make you feel demotivated, do they trigger the negative thoughts within?

If the answer is yes, then how do we say that physical problems are more realistic than mental ones? Aren’t the mental issues just underrated and overlooked? If you realise, that it is only the ACCEPTANCE, that you are going through a crisis gives it a feel of reality. Or else, there could be someone completely okay with both the situations, but in our definition of reality we would call him/her – antisocial or insane.

So, why not admit to ourselves, that I am ready to change, live a more healthy and peaceful life. I have something – that people may call a trivial issue, but it is hampering my sanity every day. I am not trained to deal with it, and I need HELP! When you decide to bring about a change, you touch many lives positively that were being affected silently.