Corporate workshop

A company’s success is directly proportional to its employees’ productivity. Kyros introduces a new segment on Corporate workshops that makes Kyros your company’s SPIRITUAL MASCOT.

We offer 2 dynamic workshops that focus on the need of employees that will help them enhance their mental health thus improving the company’s productivity.

Spiritual Virtue

How to be an asset for your company?

Every company hires employees that would promote its growth. It looks for certain potential in a candidate. Every candidate brings in a new flavour to the company. Our workshop aims to enhance an employee’s potential in the best interest of the company. It is a full-day workshop that helps alleviate the employee’s determination and focus towards the company.

The workshop includes – insightful discussions, group activities, self-anchoring homework, and many more exciting elements that keep the employee motivated and uplifted.

Our workshops are customized as per the industry and nature of the work of the employees. 


Work-life balance

A recent study shows that a good work-life balance helps build a successful empire. The workshop aims at providing insights on:

how to switch off and resume back with greater potential

Balance family and work

Deal with emotions and traumas

Fears and Anxiety assessment

Money Management