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The therapist is extremely reliable and helpful at any time. I always felt positive vibes after talking to my therapist which helped me a lot. I highly recommend their therapy and counselling sessions.
Komal kawale
The best counsellor I have ever come up with...thanks for guiding me to the right path
Vishal Chhabria
Experienced a lot of positive changes in my life after my regression therapies! I highly recommend the therapy and the counselor...💯
Nihar Rege
It's awesome Kyros knows how to help you its so worth I loved it
Mayuri Nadkarni
The therapist as I know her is absolutely a great human being at this young age she knows her work to her best. She understands and gives her entire heart to what she is doing, you can look up to her and rely on her even at the last minute she would be there to hold your hand. Wishing you all the success and great milestones
Niveditha Ramanand Puri
I have witnessed Kyros Healing.... Keep up the good work and all the very best
Anita Rajan
My therapist was very professional she knew what she was doing and was very good at it. She took an extra effort to get to know me and heard me out. A very nice therapist who genuinely cares and makes you feel comfortable. Go to Kyros if you want to be treated as a person and not as just another patient/client.
Omkar Prabhunerurkar
It will be a great success with the kind of experience you have! I have personally experienced the magic and will vouch for it! Here's wishing grand success once again!!
Kirtee Bapat Jogdeo
Awesome!! Congratulations! Best wishes for the grand success! I will vouch for your healing as I have personally experienced it!
Dipti Kotak
Wishing loads of love and best wishes and success. The therapist has a lot of experience so it surely will be a huge success.
Gayatri Madnani
By far the best therapist I have come along with her intentions are very good. She genuinely wants to help and she is a natural in what she does.
Sudha Mishra
I will never forget my knee pain. It was horrible. I was just dragging my leg while walking. I had been to an orthopaedic surgeon, had homoeopathy, yoga, Mudra remedy..tried everything. But when you gave me past life regression therapy..it was the superb experience I ever had..and within 3 to 4 sessions that miracle happened to me. I was completely out of pain. Today I can dance, I can run, I can fold my leg everything. I can not express my happiness here but yes you did it for me successfully. Then again you did one more therapy to boost my confidence to achieve my goal. And gave me some remedies and counselling. That was again a superb experience. You made my life and today I am running my business confidently and successfully cause of Kyros.
Apurva Rege


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