Tiara Tigress

A woman plays multiple characters in a lifetime. In the changing time, women have shouldered responsibilities outside the rotten mindset of being only the homemaker and are visibly equivalent to their counterpart. The workshop aims to keep this spirit high and to enhance this potential in every woman in the group. Our workshops are power packed with activities and meditations that help you cleanse your old conditioning and tap into new avenues that you did not know you can explore. Open your mind and set your soul free with our holistic workshop.
This workshop aims to help woman realise their hidden powers and break the glass celling they have been living under. Being women entrepreneurs, we understand the struggles and challenges a woman shoulder in her journey to success and this workshop is a tribute to every woman who wakes up to an unpredictable day and ends it with a bright smile on her face!
Be ready and get on a trans formative ride with us!