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Psycho-spiritual therapy deals with your soul, it helps you get back in sync with your life plan. It helps you connect to your intuition, enhance your willpower. It deals with beliefs and ideas that are deep-rooted, probably across lifetimes. It helps you heal a negative pattern you have been carrying and are not aware of.

what can we resolve at kyros

You are welcome to work on one or many of the following issues:
Depression – feeling low or demotivated, disconnected to people around, etc.
Anxiety / Fear or Anger – you feel palpitations, lack of words to express, frequent agitation.
Lack of focus or purpose in life.
Clinically diagnosed psychological disorders – cognitive stage

Recurring physical problems – fractures, abscess, rashes, allergies, headaches, moving pain, cramps, etc.
Chronic diseases – Diabetes, Migraines, Asthma, Thyroids’, Cysts, PCOD, etc.

Post partum depression – demotivating thoughts after child birth
Trauma or Grief – loss of a loved one, surgeries, accidents, unhealthy relationships, etc.
Marital and Family Counselling – Issues with a partner, family bonding troubles, etc.

Balancing Chakras and Crystal Healing
Career guidance and counselling for students
Adolescent counselling

In other words, you can bring in any issue that feels like a disturbance in day to day life, and we will help you achieve your goal about it.

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Kanika Abhishek
Ekta Thaker
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