“Embrace new beginnings. Every moment of your life is an opportunity to start all over again!”

Kyros brings to you...


We help you listen to your intuition, restore your power to choose again and be able to strengthen your WILLPOWER!



Insightful & empowering workshop for kids & adults and open platform for discussion to promote mental health awareness.

Tiara Tigress

An impactful workshop on women empowerment. Explore and appreciate your power within. 



Team empowering workshops to keep your employees motivated & enthusiastic, thus enhancing their productivity.

What stops you from exploring your highest potential are not your circumstances but your Thoughts!
Meena Varma


It’s been an interesting journey as I never thought even in my dreams that I would ever want to become a therapist, or I can ever become one. Destiny has its own ways and certain plans and somehow pulls us to something we can never imagine. I had attended a lot of workshops about spirituality and would wonder where and how they have gained so much knowledge from and it has taken them so many years to reach where they are today.
I started reading a lot and one day a friend just gifted me a book on hypnosis, I read that book twice and was somewhere getting drawn to this subject and found interesting articles as to how people are treated using this technique. And as I said destiny has its own plans and one day an email popped about this course and I decided to give it a try. I attended the entire course and couldn’t believe that there was so much to this subject as I ever imagined. Before I finished the course, I started getting clients and I felt a sense of confidence that this is what I want to do (though it was hard to believe) ….and the journey began…



I was clueless about what hypnotherapy is. It was a fancy name and I thought it would be interesting to learn it. So I enrolled myself on the course. It was a TRANSFORMATIVE journey. I had problems that were never acknowledged. There were blocks that were unknown. My tear tank was full, I could cry at the drop of a hat or a raised voice. I was underconfident, etc. I knew none of this about me.
But today when I look back, I can see the difference. That process was rigorous. But I was determined if there are things I need to heal, then my body, mind and soul, deserve it. I only took this first step and then everything just happened. I am a good decision maker and I do not fear judgements. I learnt the art of MOVING ON.

Life is the balance between surrender and control, the art is to understand how to take charge and when to let go!
Kanika Abhishek

Healing Modalities @Kyros

clinical hypnotherapy

Clinical hypnosis is similar to a guided meditation wherein clients reach a state of complete relaxation.

access consciousness

Access Bars® are 32 points on your head that, when gently touched, easily release anything that stops you from feeling joy and ease in your life.

tarot reading (cartomancy)

Tarot card is believed to be useful for future predictions, but we believe Tarot cards are channelized with the intention to help the seeker find a resolution to the presenting problem.


Crystals are solid materials whose constituents are arranged in a perfectly microscopic structure. This helps the transmission of energy to its highest potential.

chakra balancing

There are seven major chakras in our body, every chakra represents certain aspects of our life.

Relationship counsellng

Separation, Divorce or strained interpersonal relationships within the family.


The science of handwriting. What you think takes shape through your handwriting. The strokes and the curves in your handwriting actually represent a lot about your personality.

Post Covid Counselling

 We are determined to restore back your motivation and willpower to resume back in your strength and hope.


Happy Clients

In my various interactions at Kyros I found a therapist to be very competent and compassionate. Highly recommend Kyros
Malco Bev
Today the person I have become my perception I owe it to Kyros. You have got the lost person alive again. For always believing in my smallest to the biggest of dreams and for always making me believe that I deserve better people and good things will follow. For hearing me out despite I kept committing errors you never left my hand. Thank you so much. Loads of love and respect for you.
Deba Jagannath
Heartiest congratulations to you ma'am, I do hope lots of people come to you and change their lives for the better. Just like mine.
Gaurav Chaturvedi
Colonel (Retired)
I was dealing with vertigo and the reason for it was not diagnosed even after going through MRI. Kyros helped me out of it with their sessions and since then I have never experienced vertigo again.
Shagun Vira


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