Often, we come across people unable to make a decision. They are blamed by their kids, family, parents, spouse, etc. We know them as sensible people. When they talk to us, we quite agree with their opinions, yet it becomes difficult for them to make a decision, and even more difficult to stick to it. We wonder, how come they don’t make a decision, though they know what is going on with them is unhealthy. Why don’t these people take a stand? Well, the reality can be quite appealing.

These people could be a victim of emotional abuse. They could carry a past where they have not been respected or valued by people they loved or trusted. They could be subjected to physical and psychological violence, resulting in broken self-worth. Sometimes this abuse can go on for years together, without them realising what is going on with them is wrong. They feel they are following rules or traditions or rituals and are in fact respecting their culture or upbringing, and a little suffering for the same is probably okay.

It is this psychological abuse where a person is made to question his/her own sanity, perception of reality, or memories. They get into a zone, where they do not trust their own opinion or do not find them worthy enough to act upon. They are often confused, anxious and keep quiet if you enter into any sort of argument with them. This kind of situation is called gaslighting.

And as we would want to make you all aware that physical abuse is often brought to notice, psychological abuse is a very vague concept for many. It does not hold authenticity in the eyes of the common public. We often fail to realize that every problem is genuine to the person suffering it, but we still judge them from our perspective. If you come across a person suffering silently for the sake of others – religion, family, work, children, etc. whatever the reason be, the person may need help.
Do not stay silent, suggest help!