You cannot convince anybody for therapy. You can, of course, suggest therapy.

Therapy is for the brave ones, who decide to heal. Not everybody wants to heal. But it is upon them to decide. You decide for yourself. Therapy is not always for problems in your life. Something serious, something not very pleasant.
Therapy can be done to strike a balance in your life, to simply de-clutter your mind, to feel motivated for a job interview or for an important event around the corner or to discover a hidden talent.

Therapy is to make you feel confident and independent about your thoughts and perceptions. Therapy can just be a single session to focus on a particular feeling, emotion or event in your life. It is empowered to establish a connection between your mind and soul, to ensure you that life is on track.

Therapy is for heartbreaks, it is also for manifestations. Therapy helps to restore happiness as it helps to release pain. Therapy helps to understand the root cause of any thought or event or person that bothers you.

So we call it a holistic approach because when you walk into the door with a problem, you walk out resolving multiple aspects related to your problem. It will heal your thoughts, soul, emotions and body!

More often, we make judgements about others handling a situation or making a decision. And for this very reason, taking up help becomes difficult. We wonder if we are paying the therapists to judge us. How do we tell someone that I am incapable of handling my problems? How do I own up to my problems? So, people say – Nice initiative, people really need the kind of work you are doing, unfortunately, I have no issues, or else I would have definitely come to you.
We go to a doctor for a reason as small as knee pain or a headache. Do people judge us, for not taking care of our bodies, as much as they do when we lack behind taking care of our soul?
Your soul is in a cycle of karma ever since the existence of this planet and the concept of time, so what if you drift away from a little from your life plan, if you can seek help and get back to your life plan, won’t you have more power to learn from life? Then why do we judge each other?

It is as simple as going on a long road trip without google maps installed. You will definitely have to ask people on the way or look up signboards to guide you to your destination. These people may have never been to or may never reach the same destination as yours, but they can help you find your way and that is all you need.

The same goes for a therapist. Every therapist may not have been through your problems, or may not have experienced similar clients in the past. But every therapist knows how to get you in touch with your own higher self, so you can listen to your intuition properly and thus access your own willpower. It is your journey and your destination and seeking help will only help you see life with more clarity. So let go of your judgements, fears and apprehensions and ask for help if you need it. Every day you procrastinate, you are wasting a beautiful day of your life, that you could otherwise have lived differently.