Have you observed events that you call problems to have a theme in your life? It’s like playing a video game – your powers and challenges do not change unless you cross a level. Similarly, you keep facing similar problems until you CHANGE your reaction towards it.

A 100 years old woman was once asked, what is your secret to living this long? She replied, I have witnessed it all – the British rule, the partition, the bomb blasts, the Tech-age and the Pandemic and in all these years, I allowed myself to CHANGE with the need of time.

The only thing constant on this planet is CHANGE.  We are into a karmic cycle; change is the only thing that helps us break the karmic cycle. Life moves linearly it does not give us an option to go back and rectify situations or events but it definitely gives us an opportunity to change our current situation. Maybe you do not have the courage, you fear judgments or have other reservations to pick up the opportunity, life isn’t unfair to you – YOU ARE! #seekhelp

Part 2:

A woman got married and moved in with her in-laws. She would witness fights every day in the house. What was surprising is that people would blame each other and gossip about each other over nasty reasons. They would go back to their rooms, not talk to each other for days and then resume routine. The woman tried reasoning out with all these members of the family as to why do they not want to resolve the problem. In a period of time, she realized she was becoming one of them and that started affecting her relations outside as well, it subtly started changing her as a person.

She understood that she could only save herself while the others had their own motives to continue living in the victim mode and blame game. So, she decided to step out and create a life for herself. The CHANGE was difficult, but that lifted her to the next level while the family still continues to follow the same pattern.

Part 3:

A man was working with a company for several years. Though the company would not promote him or give him any due credit for his work, he would continue working with the company with fear, what if he could not find a job elsewhere? His frustration of not being acknowledged for his work built up so much inside him, that his health started deteriorating. The company fired him for his frequent absenteeism. He had no option but to apply for other jobs. He immediately landed a new job, that welcomed him for his experience and loyalty. Unfortunately, he could not survive long to enjoy the new CHANGE as he had piled on too much before opting for the change.

Part 4:

What is the right time to change things in life?

We all know the right time! It is intuitive. But we do not act upon it. If you suffer from any sort of uncomfortable feeling – it is the time to bring about a CHANGE! Then why don’t we change? FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN… Yes! It is a fear of its own! When we choose a birth, we plan learning in this lifetime and hence life cannot be monotonous, one must move on. The point is we don’t act upon the moment of change – life starts becoming boring. Physical ailments and their intensity are a classic example of how much one has pushed a change in order to avoid the FEAR OF UNKNOWN (fear of what follows next.) So, when you feel it’s time to move on – think about the moment, not the consequences!

Remember, if you have the urge to move on, you have the power to face all consequences along the way! #seekhelp #push #motivation #lifeisbeautiful    

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