It is so common between us Indians to declare we have acidity. Masale wala khana khaya, acidity hua hai. I have had less water today, acidity hua hai. I feel like puking, maybe it’s acidity. I have a pathetic headache, I think it is because of acidity, etc. It is a very uneasy feeling. When the acid levels are high in the body you may feel burning sensations, indigestion, bitter lips, sour burps,etc.

We all know the cure for this. Daily brisk walks and good amount of water, a healthy lifestyle can curb acidity to a great extent. Then why do we not strictly follow it? Do we purposely want to trouble ourselves?

Acidity is nothing but your unexpressed anger that reminds you of your helplessness in a situation. Where every cell of your body wants to scream and give it back in a situation, your mind says, the best way to feel secured at this moment is to keep quiet. And you tell yourself – ‘LET IT GO!’

But where has it gone? Every symptom that you show off for acidity is a trigger to acknowledge it or suppress it further. Choice is always yours!

An ongoing research shows the possibility of diabetes having its roots in acidity. Weaking of the digestive system, high blood pressure, migraines, joint pains and so many more disorders can be due to acidity 

One fact remains- you just cannot enjoy life with acidity. So get rid of this stored anger and set yourself free. Seek therapy! Suggest therapy!