How many of you remember those days and nights, where you couldn’t put yourself back together?

When you know things are not falling into place and no matter what, you can’t fix them the way you want! That helpless feeling of losing a loved one, watching him/her go. For some of us, we know the person will never come back and we wish to trade everything to get one glimpse of that smile, one last hug, just one last goodbye.

For the rest of us, we know the person will co-exist but will never look at us that way, that touch will never be the same, those dreams will never mean anything!

If you are going through this feeling and those tears just don’t stop, that anger, frustration doesn’t go away. That fight within yourself is now visible to everyone around. Those insomniac nights, those constant random thoughts, the victim mode – PLEASE PLEASE get me out of this. I don’t want to feel this anymore. Is somebody listening?

You take a step forward, you get a step closer to healing yourself!